Those really good people

Posted on: May 6, 2011

The past week has shown me who is there and who isn’t.  I’ve learned who my friends are.  I always just assumed everyone around me was going to be there for me, but I see how quick people can turn on you.  It’s good to know that there are those people that are going to help you.  I have a best friend who I can tell everything to he’s great.  He’s like a brother.  He cares when I’m sad and he listens if I need to talk.  And sure besides him there are some other people every once in a while who make a big difference.  But he’s always been there.  He probably doesn’t think he’s doing anything or helping in any way, but he is.

I know he won’t read this but if he could Thank You.

There is also a girl who has ALWAYS been there when I needed her.  When everyone else leaves me to fall apart she just shows up and saves me.  I love that.

There is another boy.  more than a friend…he cares he just doesn’t know how to help.  But he tries.  But right now he needs to help himself and I’m trying to help him like he would help me.


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