One time my mom was pregnant…

Posted on: May 23, 2011

She was living with my biological father in a small house in Mexico.  One morning she told him she was pregnant.  He told her they would talk about it when he came home from work…I wonder what they would’ve decided together if he ever did come home from work that day.  He was gone.  She was alone.  Her and some people she knew decided to go to America.  She wanted to give birth to me there.  Somewhere I could be free.  She entered the country.  She made her way to NY.  She was living there in a house with several others.

Then one day her water broke…She walked, more waddled, to the hospital.  There she gave birth to me alone.  She didn’t know what to do.  She couldn’t provide for me.  The nurses at the hospital told her to leave me there.  She didn’t want to.  She was scared.  One day a nice nurse gave her the paper and showed her an adoption add.  She called.  She called my parents.  They rushed down to get me.  They had 1 hour to get somewhere that was 1 1/2 hours away or I would be put into foster care until I was 5.  They made it.  They met her.  They met me.  The adoption papers were signed.

My biological mother only spoke spanish.  Luckily my aunt was there to translate.  My biological mom told her what had happened.  I’ve heard bits and pieces but I didn’t hear the whole story (the part about my father leaving us) until I was 13.  On the night of my 13th birthday I asked…and that’s what my mom told me.


1 Response to "One time my mom was pregnant…"

Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog. I also started a blog as a way to cope with the effects that adoption has had on my life, although I am not an adoptee, I am a mom. I hope that by getting everything out of your head and into writing helps you as it has helped me.

I’m glad that you are able to know a part of your story ~ some of your first chapter in life. Maybe some day you will learn more!

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