It’ll blow over…

Posted on: June 9, 2011

So there have been some rumors around school about me and my boyfriend.  Someone in the building felt he was being to aggressive towards me so my advisor talked to me about it.  I assured her that everything was fine.  Another teacher came up to me to see if I was ok, I assured him I was.  It was all ok until students found out.  Of course my boyfriend was upset and it made me a little nervous (like those thoughts were put in my head).  These kids started saying crazy things about him being abbusive and stuff.  It was blown out of proportion.  His mom found out and called my mom and freaked out on her out of anger.

It’s weird how something can turn into this HUGE thing.

It’ll blow over…at least thats what everyone keeps saying…the wind needs to pick up.


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  • vampporcupine: are so CUTE! I don't know why you look at yourself the way that you do. It may be adoption related or might not. You are adorable :). Remeb
  • Susie: I understand where your feelings are coming from ~ and I know it is so hard to overcome the "not good enough" image you have of yourself. I want to t
  • Susie: The unknown and wondering in adoption is enough to drive you crazy. Not that this probably helps at all, but I was always thinking of my son not only


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