Posted on: October 17, 2011

We have this club at my school.  It started off as like a minority students lunch discussion one day.  Now we meet every 2 weeks.  I love it.  It’s so great to be around people who know exactly what I’m going through or at least have a pretty good idea.  I’m typically really closed up when it comes to issues about adoption and feeling like I don’t belong, but when I get around students in the same position I just let everything out.  It feels so good.  Ok well I don’t tell them everything but the basics.  4 of us are adopted.  It’s so nice to have this small place where I can just be me. We’re meeting again on Thursday.


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  • vampporcupine: are so CUTE! I don't know why you look at yourself the way that you do. It may be adoption related or might not. You are adorable :). Remeb
  • Susie: I understand where your feelings are coming from ~ and I know it is so hard to overcome the "not good enough" image you have of yourself. I want to t
  • Susie: The unknown and wondering in adoption is enough to drive you crazy. Not that this probably helps at all, but I was always thinking of my son not only


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