So fed up…

Posted on: November 19, 2011

So I do a lot in my school as far as planning activities and stuff.  And I’ve always had a lot of support.  But for our Senior Trip I sent out an email to everyone like asking what they wanted to do and if they wanted to help plan it.  Now everyone’s upset saying like I’m planning it all myself and that I’m not including them and blah blah blah.  It’s so annoying cause like I try to do all this stuff for them and they complain the whole time! And it isn’t all of them, but people make it up to seem like it is.  I’m just so annoyed.  I’m about to be like fine I’ll stop planning everything, you guys do it.  I won’t because I’m not a quitter but I just hate it.

Also, this whole issue came about when like stuff happened in school and like the grade needed someone to step up and be like no.  And I emailed the teachers and was like this can’t happen like all the stuff that has been happening.  I got a lot of support from the Seniors and Teachers but when I asked a girl to help me she gave me a whole thing about how people lacked respect for me and all this stuff and how I control everything.  It’s a lie.  I don’t.  I ask opinions and input and try to please everyone.  Trying to do all this stuff for them is what got me into the place I was with cutting.  It made it ten times worse.



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